Declining Patients

We have the right to refuse any pet for any reason prior to entering our clinic or after our pre-surgical exam.

  • Not following our Mandated Client Protocol
  • All Unhealthy Pets will be declined -Please ensure that your pet is healthy (as far as you are aware)
    • Email us prior to your surgery if:
      • Your pet has a pre-existing condition
      • Is on medication or if they have been to the vet in the past 30 days
      • Appears to be unhealthy
        • Discharge from eyes/ears
        • Skin irritation
  • If your pet is extremely underweight or overweight (or over our 80lb dog weight limit)
  • If your MALE dog is cryptorchid (has an undescended testicle) and we were not made aware prior to your appointment
  • If your pet is brachycephalic (flatter faced such as French Bulldogs, Himalayans/Persians, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese etc.)
  • We do not provide surgery to Doberman Pinschers (who commonly have von Willebrand disease)
  • If your Dog is Aggressive or unable to be safely handled by our staff we will decline and offer an alternative option, please inform us right away if your pet needs some additional attention due to aggression or fear aggression.
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