Declining Patients

We have the right to refuse any pet before entering our clinic or after our pre-surgical exam.

  • Not following our Mandated Covid-19 Client Protocol
  • All Unhealthy Pets will be declined -Please ensure that your pet is healthy (as far as you are aware)
    • Email us prior to your surgery if:
      • Your pet has a pre-existing condition
      • Is on medication or if they have been to the vet in the past 30 days
      • Appears to be unhealthy
        • Discharge from eyes/ears
        • Skin irritation
  • If your pet is extremely underweight or overweight (or over our 80lb dog weight limit)
  • If your MALE dog is cryptorchid (has an undescended testicle) and we were not made aware prior to your appointment
  • If your pet is brachycephalic (flatter faced such as French Bulldogs, Himalayans/Persians, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese etc.)
  • If your Dog is Aggressive or unable to be safely handled by our staff we will be declining at this time
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