Cat Drop Off Instructions

Prior to your pet’s surgery please be sure the following has been completed:

  • Consent form was emailed to you when your appointment was made. If your appointment was rescheduled, a second consent form with the new appointment date was generated.
    • Please follow the instructions for completing and signing this form ONLINE ONLY. You will be unable to sign this form the day of surgery. Find help with this form here.
    • This form must be completed no later 1 day before your pet’s surgery.
    • If you have any additional comments or questions, please email us at
  • Rabies Certificates MUST be emailed to us prior to your appointment at – we are unable to accept copies in the morning – if you do not have a current rabies certificate, a rabies vaccine will be provided to your pet at no additional charge
  • Payments can be done via phone or online, prior to your pet’s surgery. You will receive a link in your email during the day when your pet is with us if you haven’t pre-paid. All payments can be done via debit or credit but understand that cash might be necessary on a case by case basis
  • Carriers – We are only accepting hard-sided, secure, plastic cat carriers – your cat will be declined if in anything else
    • We are asking that NOTHING accompany your cat in the carrier – any items (blankets, towels, toys) will be removed and discarded
    • PLEASE LABEL YOUR CARRIER – Cat’s First Name, Your Last Name
    • If you are bringing more than 1 cat, each cat must come in their own individual cat carrier

Intake: Address: 144 Main St. Unit E, East Hartford, CT.  Please form a line at the curb in front of the clinic, while remaining in your vehicles. When you see a team member, roll down your window for further direction!

  • A clinic team member will be outside between 7:45am-8:15am.
  • Please ensure that all carriers are secure before exiting your vehicle.
  • If you are running late we ask that you call us: 860-206-7922 – PLEASE do not approach or enter the building
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