Stand Up for Pits. Inc.

During the week of April 2nd, The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc will be spaying and neutering 877 pit bull type dogs in 22 cities nationwide. POA SPAY! will be taking part for the 2nd year in a row! We will be sterilizing 24 pit bull type dogs. 

This massive effort is vital, desperately needed and will save millions of lives. Just 1 unaltered dog and her offspring over 6 years can produce 67,000 dogs. Preventing unwanted animals from becoming part of the population that enters the shelters is how we will get off the hamster wheel that is rescue. It is in fact, a solution.

Follow along with updates on the Stand Up for Pits Facebook page.

The total cost to fund 2019 Spay & Neuter ANGEL Day is $74,000.00. Stand Up for Pits is currently running a merchandise campaign. Their clothing line is super soft, and SUPER cute!

To make a tax deductible donation head to

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